For Readers

ThinFiction strives to provide readers with high quality short stories. Of course, high quality is subjective and no one story can appeal to all readers. For this reason, we rely on authors to only submit stories that they are truly proud of and that they believe to be a personal accomplishment.

Additionally, we want to be best web platform available for reading short stories. We provide convenient search and genre filtering features. We also integrated font sizing and text dimming right into the web page. At a glance, you may see that ThinFiction utilizes a rather sparse design. This is because we want the stories to be the reason for readers to visit. To accomplish this we aim to keep our site snappy and uncluttered.

ThinFiction also serves a doorway for readers to enter the author's world. We hope that by featuring these short stories, readers will have an easy way to find out more about the author and find more works created by the author.

For Authors

ThinFiction is first and foremost a promotional platform for authors. Without authors proudly sharing their short stories, ThinFiction is a lost cause. We've carefully crafted the submission process to be as easy as possible. Simply create your account and upload the story text. The newest stories always get front page treatment. And when users click on your name, they are taken to a site of your choice.

Whether you are a self-publishing author, a traditionally published author, or an aspiring author, ThinFiction is a powerful marketing tool that works for you. Readers can instantly follow you to your own website, to a book you're selling, or to your resume.

ThinFiction was inspired by a writer—an amateur writer to be honest. But while this person may have given up on the dream of writing bestseller novels, this person now wants to help other writers find their way into the spotlight. ThinFiction is a success if it helps only a single writer in that endeavor.